“it’s a small world”: Peace and Unity Live On

“One of the many reasons I love traveling to any Disney destination is because it allows everyone to let their creativity run wild, imaginations wander, and the spirit of magic is alive and well.”
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By Jenny Beretto  ~ Vacations with Character® Travel Professional Specializing in Disney Destinations

“One of the many reasons I love traveling to any Disney destination is because it allows everyone to let their creativity run wild, imaginations wander, and the spirit of magic is alive and well.

A favorite attraction for my family is “it’s a small world”. My children love experiencing this whimsical boat ride on the 7 seaways canal through all 7 continents. For me, I don’t know if the allure comes from the fact that the attraction features the innocence of children throughout the world, for it’s message of unity or that it’s an original ride the “Man Behind the Mouse” was personally involved in. All I know is when the ride is finished, we all are smiling a bit wider and have a sense of peace and calm about this crazy world we live in.

Here are some cool and fun facts about this Walt Disney classic:

The attraction was originally created for the New York Worlds Fair in 1963. Walt Disney was asked to design a ride that kept with the theme of “Peace Through Understanding”. After the Worlds Fair, the ride was dismantled and made the haul across the country to debut in Anaheim, California. It began sharing the message of peace and unity at Disneyland on May 28th, 1966.

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Today, “it’s a small world” is in 5 Disney theme parks around the globe and gets a holiday makeover in 4 of them – Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disney – every year . Did you know with the 1992 opening at Disneyland Paris, the cheerful anthem “It’s a Small World (After All)” plays somewhere on the planet every hour of the day?

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There about 300 Audio Animatronic dolls that take you on a journey spanning all 7 continents! These dolls were designed by Art Director, Mary Blair. Her vision for the attraction allowed us all to feel like we are traveling the globe through the whimsy and innocence of a children’s book. Mary Blair also worked on many other well-known projects; she drew concept art for “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan”, and “Cinderella” (to name a few). She is also responsible for the giant mosaic inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort! It is said a doll was created in memory of her too and if you look closely in the attraction, you’ll see a blond-headed doll holding a balloon about halfway up the Eiffel Tower in the Western Europe scene. 😊

The costume designs were imagineered by Alice Davis and they were created as authentically as possible, even using the finest silks from India. Alice also created some of the signature looks we love in Pirates of the Caribbean. She has a window on Main St USA, in Disneyland, right next to her late husband, Marc Davis. Alice’s window reads “Small World Costume Co. Alice Davis – Seamstress to the Stars”.

Of course, your visit to “it’s a small world” would not be complete if you did not exit the ride humming the catchy tune that has just followed you around the world. The classic anthem that serenades you, in varying languages throughout your journey, was created by the Sherman Brothers – the very same brothers that brought you the iconic Mary Poppins score.

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TIP: Be sure when you ride this attraction to have your Magic Band on – you just may just get a personal greeting at the exit of the ride. 😊 And speaking of Magic Bands, did you know you can purchase a special Small World version – isn’t it fabulous?!

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Today, the celebration continues as this Walt classic has stayed, for the most part, in its original iconic state. This is a true testament to the sentiment the ride portrays of “Peace Through Understanding”, a concept we all can benefit from in today’s day in age…because IT IS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL…”

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