Make Walt Disney World a New Year’s Resolution!

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Christmas is quickly approaching, which means 2019 is right around the corner as well! Soon, our thoughts will turn to the new year…and resolutions. With only 8% of resolution makers actually following through, why not formulate a plan you can actually make come true?

There’s no better time to think about making 2019 “count” and we believe an extraordinary way to do so is by spending quality time with family and friends at Walt Disney World® Resort! What a perfect place for everyone to get away from it all, have fun, bond, and make precious vacation memories! ♥

We’ve previously shared you’ll be able to experience something new — and full of character(s) — heading to all four theme parks this coming year. Here’s a quick look at a few more details:

  • Anything can happen during Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom Park, including the new “Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party,” featuring your favorite, beloved characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. (Jan. 18-Sept. 30, 2019).
  • Pixar pals will party with Guests in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the park’s 30th anniversary year. Special appearances from The Incredibles, Mike and Sulley from Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” and Woody, Buzz and the gang will boost the celebration to “Infinity and Beyond!”
  • Rafiki and Timon will help you let your inner animal loose on the dance floor to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Disney animated classic “The Lion King,” during the “Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • The “Disney on Broadway Concert Series” expands to seven days a week, providing more opportunities than ever before for you to hear Disney on Broadway stars sing favorite tunes from award-winning productions as part of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, . (Jan. 18-Feb. 25, 2019).
  • To read about more exciting things coming in 2019, you can also visit our previous blog post!

And that’s not all! Vacations with Character® will have special 4-Park Magic Tickets to help you celebrate 2019 together as well as  a room discount to save you up to 25 percent at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels for stays most nights Jan. 1-April 27, 2019.*

These special tickets go on sale Jan. 18, 2019 and are seasonally priced for varied usage between Jan. 18 and Sept. 30, 2019. The 4-Park Magic Tickets include one day of admission to Magic Kingdom® Park, one day of admission to Epcot®, one day of admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and one day of admission to Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, for a total of four admissions over four separate days.**

Here’s the price breakdown:

  • 4-Park Magic Value Ticket: Valid for admission Jan. 18-March 1, 2019; must be used within seven days from first use, or by March 1, 2019, whichever comes first.
    • Adult: $85 per day, plus tax ($340 total, plus tax) 
    • Child: $80 per day, plus tax ($320 total, plus tax)
  • 4-Park Magic Select Ticket: Valid for admission March 2-March 14; March 27-April 9; April 27-May 27; and Aug. 19-Sept. 30, 2019; must be used within seven days from first use, or by Sept. 30, 2019, whichever comes first.
    • Adult: $89 per day, plus tax ($356 total, plus tax) 
    • Child: $84 per day, plus tax ($336 total, plus tax) 
  • 4-Park Magic Summer Ticket: Valid for admission May 28-Aug. 18, 2019; must be used within seven days from first use or by Sept. 30, 2019, whichever comes first.
    • Adult: $95 per day, plus tax ($380 total, plus tax) 
    • Child: $90 per day, plus tax ($360 total, plus tax)

It’s going to be an INCREDIBLE time to visit Walt Disney World Resort in 2019 with new shows, parties, character experiences and more debuting at all four theme parks.  Be sure to contact your favorite Vacations with Character® Travel Professional to make a New Year’s resolution that comes true!

*Restrictions apply. Contact a Vacations with Character® Travel Professional for all of the details and more.

**4-Park Magic Tickets are valid for one theme park per day; tickets can be used to enter each theme park only once. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and exclude activities/events separately priced. Higher-priced tickets are valid for use on dates with a lower price.

Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope Coming to Disney Parks this Fall!

Ralph and Vanellope

Best friends, Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, are once again preparing to venture beyond Litwak’s Arcade to celebrate Disney’s all-new animated adventure, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, coming to theaters November 21.

The duo will make their appearance in Disney Parks this fall AND for a limited time next month, guests will be able preview a sneak peek from Disney’s new animated adventure “Ralph Breaks the Internet” in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

But wait…there’s more!

Be on the look out for a new, hyper-reality experience, “Ralph Breaks VR”, coming to The Void at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney as well!

Here’s the scoop:

Ralph and Vanellope will make appearances on the West Coast in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure park beginning November 9 while at Disneyland park, the preview of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” will be shown in 3D at the Tomorrowland Theater. This limited sneak-peek experience will be presented by Mailchimp November 9 to December 9.

The digital duo will also be heading east to Epcot in the Walt Disney World Resort where they’ll greet guests starting November 21 in Innoventions West. Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios will also be treated to an advanced look at a portion of the film, starting Friday, November 2, as part of the “Walt Disney Presents” attraction.

(Don’t worry…Ralph and Vanellope won’t “wreck your fun” at other meet-and-greet opportunities available in Epcot. They’ll be appearing in new locations that won’t affect any other characters currently appearing at the park. Plus, this winter, a new experiment — a portal into other dimensions — will open up a window on the internet for Ralph and Venellope to step through for regular encounters with Epcot guests in the ImageWorks area of the Imagination! pavilion.)

Photo Credit:

As mentioned, a new hyper-reality experience is coming to The Void at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney as well! What’s The Void? It’s probably better if we let them tell you in their own words: “It’s hyper-reality. It’s technical achievement. But mainly, it’s fun! THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience, full of surprises at every turn; with you, your family and friends inside the action. One second you’re standing on solid ground, the next you’re stepping deep into darkness, looking at unimaginable beauty – or fending off danger from another realm. Did you see it? Did you feel it? What’s next? You’ll just have to experience it to understand.”

Doesn’t that sound amazing?? To sign up to get on the list for more information on “Ralph Breaks VR” or other virtual reality experiences, it’s simple…just visit The Void or contact your Travel Professional.

Are you excited to see Ralph and Vanellope in Disney Parks and to check out their new movie, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” this fall? Here’s a little snippet to tie you over!

Are you ready to make plans to see Ralph and Vanellope in Disney Parks this fall? Contact your favorite Vacations with Character® Travel Professional to book your next stress-free / wreck-free vacation by clicking here.  Be sure to ask about adding this or other character experiences as well. After all, creating Vacations with Character is what we do best!

The Importance of Vacations ♥

Universal Orlando’s Hogwarts Express

Orlando, Florida has to be one of the most magical places on earth. It’s the land of sunshine, fairy tales and family time. In its four hundred and ninety-four square miles you’ll be entertained, amazed and rejuvenated like nowhere else.  It’s a place to reconnect, catch up, laugh, de-stress and feel like a kid again; it’s a place that makes you smile.

The theme a few years ago at the Walt Disney World Resort was based on one word: celebrate!  I personally loved this concept. As we go through the hum-drum moments of our everyday lives we obviously can become burned out, stressed out and just plain worn out. It’s hard to feel grateful, thankful, blessed, and even “connected” some days. We need a vacation to help us get back to what’s important — celebrating our lives and our connections with each other.

Walt Disney World’s PhilharMagic

Studies show that most people do not take vacations often enough, and in fact, many don’t take vacations at all. That’s a shame! Vacations are not only fun and relaxing, but they are actually healthy for us. They help us recharge our batteries and get back to feeling our best. Our mood, stress levels and quality of sleep are drastically improved for a few weeks afterwards. While our minds, bodies and souls personally benefit, our relationships do too. We strengthen ties when spending quality time and enjoying life with loved ones. We reconnect and actually see each other; we bond.

June 2015 771
Walt Disney World’s Magic Bands

Orlando is one such place that was designed for celebrating life in every stage. It’s a place that reminds me of many happy times: the look of wonderment in my two year old’s eyes when she met Cinderella for the first time; the memory of my five-year-old son shrieking with delight when the Grinch tried to steal his bag of chips, and sharing giggles over the actions of one very naughty mime at Sea World! :o)  It’s exciting memories of a helicopter ride, wave pools, sea lions and whales, safaris, boat rides, golfing, theme park thrills, and experiencing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are also little, precious moments like those of my baby girl kissing Pluto’s nose, the way “Wishes” brought tears to my eyes, the look of contentment on my sleeping children’s faces, and the echoes of a million other wonderful sounds and magical memories we’ve made together there over many years.

The One That Got Away!

Orlando is our “happy place” here at Vacations with Character® and in our real lives as well. There’s something for everyone, for every vacationing style, and for just about every budget. Your options are as limitless as the memories you’ll make.

It’s never too late to find your happy place. So, go on…book that next vacation and celebrate life! Your loved ones will thank you for it. ♥

Contact your favorite Vacations with Character® Travel Professional or request your FREE quote by clicking here.